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Welcome to Texas Republicans Against Bush

I started this blog out of the feelings of frustration, helplessness, and anger borne from being betrayed by elected officials whom we supported. Also, one of the first things I want to make clear, is that this blog is not targeted exclusively at George Bush, despite the name. I am using the name "Bush," as kind of a symbol representing ALL RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). This blog will try to bring attention not just to Bush, but all Republicans like him who were put in office by their conservative base, and then immediately proceeded to ignore that base. This blog will not be your every day, garden variety, liberal left wing radical, foaming at the mouth, Bush hating, Bush bashing, nonsensical rhetoric. This blog will be different in that it will be "Real Republicans" bashing Bush, and other RINOs like him, from the right.

Another thing I want you to know, is that even though this blog is called "Texas Republicans," thoughts and input from ALL conservative Republicans who feel betrayed and dispossessed, as do I, are most definitely welcome and invited. I chose to name this blog "Texas Republicans Against Bush," instead of simply "Republicans Against Bush," for a couple of reasons. One is that, I am a conservative Texas Republican, and I want the world to know that Bush is not alienating just "regular" Republicans, but Republicans from his own home state, which is even more remarkable. Additionally, the "Texas" designation takes on even more significance, because of the gigantic border Texas shares with Mexico, and the fact that border security, or rather lack thereof, is the single greatest area in which Bush has betrayed his own support base. There are, however, many other issues on which Bush has left Real Republicans scratching their heads, but there will be plenty of time to dissect them all later.

For all other disaffected Republicans like me, I hope you will enjoy this blog..


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